Ice Fishing Lake Carey

Ice Fishing Lake Carey


Tip ups are set, Ice Fishing Lake CareyI grew up ice fishing Lake Carey, PA. I chopped my first hole through the ice when I was just a kid, no older than 9 or 10. I have been ice fishing Lake Carey ever since. I have had great days ice fishing Lake Carey and I have had days that would bring a grown man to his knees. The great days are what keeps me coming back to this Endless Mountains Lake.

Lake Carey is located in in Wyoming County Pennsylvania. It is roughly 210 acres is size and is bisected by a causeway. The two halves created by the causeway are known as the big lake and the flow pond. The big lake is the deeper, maxing out at 30 feet, and the larger half. It receives most of the fishing pressure. The Flow pond is markedly shallower and has silted in over the last 50 years. It may have a few pockets of water over 6 feet deep but their days are numbered.

One of the attractions to ice fishing Lake Carey is the wide variety of species to catch. There are large and smallmouth Anglers target walleyes ice fishing Lake Careybass in good numbers. Perch, crappie, gills and rock bass are also present as are pickerel and bullhead. But, in my opinion it is the walleye that are the main attraction. Fish Lake Carey and you have a better than average chance of catching a walleye or two. My personal best walleye was a 24 inch specimen but there has been a number of 10 pounders taken from lake. As I mentioned most angler concentrate their attention of the big lake but that wasn’t always so. When I was a kid there would be groups of ice fishermen scattered around on the flow pond too. It might be time to see what surprises await here.

Some nice panfish dwell in the depths of Lake CareyAccess to Lake Carey isn’t what it used to be. As a kid I recall seeing lines of cars pulled off to the side of the road and trails leading through the snow d0wn to the ice.  Nowadays, the best bet for no hassle parking and ease of access is to park at the marina parking lot, Franks Marina.  There is a reasonable parking fee here but it is a blessing on this 100% privately owned lake. Frank’s Marina is located on the causeway between the lakes.  Maybe one day the state will place a launch site at Lake Carey, until then Frank’s is your best bet.

Lake Carey is not what I think of as an early ice lake. There are multiple inlets and the deeper water of the big lake means that it is usually a couple weeks behind the shallower local lakes. I look forward to ice fishing Lake Carey every winter it won’t be long now before I will get the chance to drill a fresh hole in the ice that hooked me on ice fishing.


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