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Years in the making! IF247 Tip Up Flags! Add some bling to your tip ups or replace tattered, faded flags with some brilliant orange ones bearing the IF247 logo. GO TEAM!


IF247 Orange Toque $15, + $3 shipping

We have IF247 Bumper Stickers!. They are 10" x 3", snow white with black lettering. They have with our "Have an Ice Day" $5 for 2 One for your car and one for yoiur sled. shipping included.

IF247 Bumper Stickers Window Decals,
the snow white lettering really pops on tinted rear windows. $18 - Free Shipping

IF247 Window Decals

NEW! this Year..... IF247 T-Shirts!
available in XL and XXL $15, + $4 Shipping.


Hoodies Ala Carte!!
Want one of our HardWater Warrior Hoodies? $30 + $5 to ship.