The Anorakk Sikre Buoyance Suit is the Ultimate Flotation, Cold Weather, Multi-Climate, Multi-Weather suit.


Expedition Outdoors’ Anorakk Sikre is the ultimate cold weather, cold water protection suit for exploringExpedition Outdoors Anorakk Sikre your unknowns. Waterproof, breathable and floatation functional, Anorrakk Sikre is the new benchmark of all-climate suits with the longest warranty in the industry. Designed to immediately upright your head and upper torso, Sikre’s Newton rating aids buoyance in the roughest water or ice conditions.

Sikre buoyance suit is designed for warmth and comfort and protection in cold spring, fall or winter temperatures. Sikre in Inuit Norwegian means protection, security and safeguard in a variety of weather conditions.

• Sikre breathable and waterproof dual season shell
• Double Stitched 100% sealed seams
• Sikre buoyancy system exceeds USCG Newton rating*
• 5000MM W/P, MVP protection
• Exclusive Iron Seal waterproof seat and knees
• 2-way YKK Sure-Lock healing zippers
• Body heat regulating parka vents
• Internal drawstrings to secure warmth and minimize water load
• Over-sized pockets with water ports
• Removable hood with custom shaped visor
• Exclusive hood and collar “upright” flotation design
• 5mm Neoprene cuffs with internal 2mm water seal cuffs
• Safety Whistle for rescues
• Waterproof chest pockets
• Internal pocket storage systems
• Exclusive “Safety” bib straps

** The plunge, which created an inertia with a 35 pound block forcing the user 3.5 feet under the water with a recovery of 1.2 seconds.  Viewers will notice the head and upper torso pop-up first to prevent water aspiration.  This is a key to cold water survival.
Note: Competing suits layback into the water.  No forced energy into the water.  Sikre is not USCG approved, but exceeds their minimum standards of 69.1 Newtons.  Sikre rates 71 – 75 Newtons

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