Serious ice anglers have known for over 40 years they can trust the smooth, unsurpassed reliability and versatility of HT’s Polar Tip-Ups.  After all, HT has been blazing new advancements in Polar tip-up technology for over 40 years, and it’s still the only series of tip-ups on the market fully guaranteed against freeze-up! Introducing the POLAR BLUE PROFESSIONAL TIP-UP.


POLAR BLUE PROFESSIONAL TIP-UP  The innovations continue for 2018, with the tip-up experts at HT taking another bold step forward by developing an adjustable flag spring base that allows additional degrees of trip tension.  That’s right!  Now, in addition to raising or lowering the tube mechanism to increase or decrease the flag angle and increase or decrease trip tension – you can also increase or decrease the angle of the flag wire itself, providing an even greater degree of tension adjustment! adjustable flag spring base


Using an extra large dead bait, exceptionally lively minnow or heavier than normal presentation while fishing deep or in current?  Simply ratchet the flag base backward to increase the flag wire angle andgain a never before achieved spectrum of tension adjustment increase trip tension.  Dealing with especially light-biting or finicky walleyes?  Ratchet the base forward to reduce tension and create a silky-smooth, ultralight trip!  To really take things to all-new extremes, try using the traditional raising of the tube mechanism in conjunction with these flag base adjustments to gain a never before achieved spectrum of tension adjustment.


Polar Blue Professional Tip-Ups are available with either 200’ or 500’ capacity spools.


This winter, improve your game!  Increase your versatility and productivity with the new Polar Blue Professional Tip-Up.

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Frances Slocum Lake Ice Muskys

Frances Slocum Lake Ice Muskys

This mighty musky was caought through the ice at Frances State Park Lake in the late 80sFrances Slocum State Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The park is located in North East Pennsylvania (NEPA) less that one half hour from interstate rt. 81. It is a typical PA state park, offering visitors hiking, biking, swimming, and picnicking, but it is Frances Slocum Lake Ice Muskys that set the park above and beyond the average Pennsylvania State Park.

Frances Slocum Lake holds some bruiser muskellunge. Fish in the fifty inch class are caught here every few years. Muskellunge fingerling are stocked frequently to maintain a decent population of these top level predators. The lake is a 165 acre, horseshoe shaped, man made impoundment. It has a maximum depth, near the dam, of 30 – 35 feet. The western, inlet side of the horseshoe is shallow and weed filled in its furthest reaches. The lake gradually deepens as it approaches a narrow neck connecting the two halves. Rounding the corner brings you into deeper water immediately. The creek channel drops in gully like fashion and heads towards the dam. The other wing of the horseshoe the eastern side is deeper. It maintains a 20 foot depth in the center and is shaped like a long bowl. As you can see there is a variety of habitat packed into this relatively small lake.

The large size of the Muskys that inhabit Frances Slocum Lake can be attributed to the ample amounts of forage available and toFrances Slocum Lake Ice Muskys are not an uncommon catch the thousands of trout stocked annually. There can be no doubt that the muskies fill up on these tasty trout snacks while they are still dazed and confused from their hatchery truck ride. This spring near the start of the 2014 trout season a lucky angler hooked landed and released a fish of a lifetime (see video some heat of the moment language) . It was a huge, monster musky. His technique consisted of fishing for trout with a meal worm on a tiny trout hook. The fish was gravid and was dropping eggs as it was being photographed. After some photos the beast was released live and as far as anyone knows is waiting to be taken this winter through the ice.

This truly huge musky was released alive and is still swimming in Frances Slocum LakeMuskellunge, sometimes called toothy critters are not particularly hard to ice fish for but being in the right place at the right time is a large part of the battle. These fish will roam looking for opportunities to grab an easy meal. If your bait happens to be in the path of one your chances of getting bit are greater. The choke point between the two halves of Frances Slocum Lake is an obvious place to intercept a hungry musky. My first ever ice musky was taken right along the shoreline in about 8 feet of water. Musky and pike will patrol the shoreline looking for any sick or injured fish to eat. They may also consume dead fish that are found close to shore. I will always place at least one tip up close to the shoreline when I am laying out my spread of tip ups.

Due to their regular diet of stockie trout, a live hatchery bought trout, could be the best possible bait to have on your hook when fishing for Frances Slocum Lake Ice Muskys. Using trout for bait is legal as long as you caught it or bought it. Remember to keep the receipt just in case you encounter a PFBC officer. In lew of trout large suckers, chubs, and shiners work well too. Their are several bait shops within a few miles of Frances Slocum State Park that sell live bait although finding baits over 4 inches is a challenge.

Fishing for Frances Slocum Lake ice muskys can be a fun filled day for your entire family There is sledding and skating for the kids and cross country skiing for the wife. Life is good out in winter’s crisp air. Give Frances Slocum Lake ice muskys a try you have an excellent chance of catching a fish of a lifetime.

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Ice Fishing in Massachusetts

As a resident of Massachusetts I have found MA waters have much to offer ice fisherman (or woman). From the Berkshires in the west to the North Shore near Boston you will find ice fishing in Massachusetts as varied and the waters on which you fish. Lakes and ponds feature northern pike, native and stocked trout, large and smallmouth bass, pickerel, perch and sunfish. Bait and tackle shops can be found in most fishing areas and feature friendly, knowledgeable info and merchandise. Most weekends you’ll find a tournament or two usually in support of a local Boys or Girls Club or other civic organization.

Ice fishing in Massachusetts. can start as early as mid-November and as late as January. Typically, mid-December guarantees 4-5 inches of ice for safe fishing. True to the New England adage “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” You could find yourself witnessing a beautiful sunrise, skies turning cloudy that lead to blizzard-like conditions, only to find yourself shedding layers because it’s suddenly warm and sunny again. One of my best fishing days began at 4:00AM with 15 degree  weather, driving 1 and ½ hours to one of my favorite spots to find even colder temps with 25 MPH winds and a wind chill well below zero. The day resulted in a bonanza of fishing with several pickerel, bass, perch and four beautiful brown trout which we promptly prepared and feasted on for lunch.

In addition to the fishing, the state offers some of the best scenery in New England. Picturesque small towns overflowing with hospitality seem like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting. In fact, Stockbridge, MA in the Berkshires is home to the Norman Rockwell museum.
Whether you’re a newcomer or a hardcore dedicated ice fisherman (or woman) Mass. has a spot for everyone and great memories to be made all season.