NERO SUPER PREMIUM COMPACT ICE AUGERS rip through the ice like no drill you’ve ever used beforeNERO SUPER PREMIUM COMPACT ICE AUGERS For 2017, HT ENTERPRISES, INC. introduces an amazing  and revolutionary new ice auger engineered specifically for today’s elite hardwater anglers!

Designed, tested and relied upon by top Russian competitors in European ice tournaments, these premium, high performance NERO SUPER PREMIUM COMPACT ICE AUGERS rip through the ice like no drill you’ve ever used before—and they’re now available here in North America.  Selectively designed to revolutionize ice angler mobility and efficiency, NERO SUPER PREMIUM COMPACT ICE AUGERS feature rugged, non-chip, ultra-sharp 60G rated hardened steel blades that effortlessly open old holes and will even drive through sand-laced ice without dulling. The Nero’s 62” off-set handles dramatically increase torque and overall cutting power, plus feature secondary adjustable height settings of 53” and 44”—and uniquely, fold down to 25” for convenient, compact transport and storage!


 NERO SUPER PREMIUM COMPACT ICE AUGERS come in 5, 6 and 7” diameters, and are also available in kits that come complete with a shaft extension to permit simple conversion when encountering exceptionally thick ice conditions, and a universal adapter featuring a select “side handle” system that eliminates twisting and promotes both stability and safety when using your NERO SUPER PREMIUM COMPACT ICE AUGERS in combination with a rechargeable, portable drill.


For more information, about, HT’S NERO® SUPER PREMIUM COMPACT ICE AUGERS write: HT Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 909, Campbellsport, WI, 53010, or visit WWW.HTENT.COM.

Ice Fishing Trip Planning for New Territory

Ice Fishing Trip Planning for New Territory

Planning an ice fishing trip? Do to a strong El Nino, this winter looks to be the year of the road trip, especially for PA, down state NY and ice fishers on the southern edge of the ice belt . I am convinced that more of us than ever will be taking to the highways and heading north in search of first ice, early ice and possibly any ice at all. With that in mind I am offerng this article on the subject “Planning an Ice Fishing Trip, specifically into new territory”. This isn’t going to be a check list of what to take, I think most of us know what we need to go ice fishing. Instead, it will cover getting ready with information which will help guarantee, that when you get to your destination you have a game plan and get the most out of your time in the icelands.

Contour maps are available for planning an ice fishing trip.The first step in planning an ice fishing trip is deciding on a destination. This year I suspect that will be anywhere with ice for most of us. Looking for an area that will get ice early is not too difficult it needs to be the coldest place that you can think of within your reach and within parameters of your available time. For colder than average temperatures you need a northerly location with elevation, Stay away from the immediate great lakes area and river valleys. Once you have a general location in mind then you can start getting to the fine points. Smaller, shallower and sheltered lakes will freeze and hold ice earlier than vast and deep windswept lakes will. Too, the smaller sheltered bays on big lakes can develop ice much earlier than the main body of water does. The more lakes in your target area that you identify as icy potentials the more options you will have when you get on site and have to find safe ice.

Your next task, now that you have selected an area and a handful of likely lakes to ice fish on, is to learnNavionics has a vast inventory of detailed lake contour maps the lay of the land. What species of fish reside in the lakes you will be fishing and what the regulations are regarding taking them through the ice. You will also want to know where the public access points are and and lets not forget bait and tackles. You will probably be staying overnight for a day or more so a motel or cabin that can accommodate ice fishermen will be necessary, as will a good pub or restaurant for a meal and a brew to bring a great day on the ice to a fitting close. The internet has made gathering all this information easier than it used to be but, one still has to dig and be willing to look in unexpected places if you want to fish like a local.

The internet has been a boon to DYI adventure planners like me. You can use Google or one of the other web search engines to find information on virtually any subject. I like google, probably because that is what I grew up using, so that is how I will proceed with this section of the discussion but you can substitute your own personal favorite search provider with similar results.

A screen shor from Google Maps of Lake George

Google Maps are invaluable for planning an ice fishing trip.

Be creative when you are doing your info gathering searches. Look in the local Chamber of Commercesites. Follow the links for activities, not just the ice fishing links, but the hiking, X-country skiing and snowshoeing links. I recently found an unmarked path to a lake I have always wanted to fish listed in a snowshoeing trail map. A short level drag to a lake that was seemingly inaccessible. Use google maps satellite view to see under water sandbars and weed beds. You can use state resources like NY states extensive list of contour maps, and their special ice fishing regulations. Navionics has an app for ten dollars that has some really USA good maps and some that are just carbon copies of what is available from other sources. You keep them with you in your smart phone and with your gps turned on you can use them to navigate to under ice structures that would nearly impossible to find using the poke and hope method.

Getting back the the C of C listings, use them for your lodging, dining and bait and tackle needs. Often asking a few questions of a hotel or B&T owner will yield a wealth of information that will be useful. lastly do not forget web forums like and as a information resource. I have had great success searching in the archives of these sites mining info. Bluntly asking for info online will get you a share of derision but a well placed personal message to someone who seems to know what is what will often result in a discreet reply with some info to point you in the right direction.

Planning an ice fishing trip is something that I have aways enjoyed. Digging in and rooting out the info necessary for a great trip helps to pass the time while we wait for safe ice. Knowing that you did it yourself is a great reward at the end of a successful adventure.

HD Ice, Dynamic Lures, High Action Ice Lure

Dynamic Lures has produced one of the most versatile Ice Fishing Lures on the marketDynamic Lures, HD Ice, High Action Ice Lure

We have a new sponsor at Dynamic Lures. Dynamic Lures has a host of open water offerings, crankbaits, swimbaits and stickbaits but it was their HD Ice, High Action Ice Lure, that caught my attention. The HD Ice comes in nine color schemes each with its own individual pattern. Available colors are: Ghost White, Gold/Orange, Trout Natural, Glow, Bubble Gum, Perch, Fire Craw, Silver/Blue and Fire Tiger. This sinking lure is 2 inches long and weighs 1/5th oz. Its size makes it perfect for enticing slab crappie and jumbo perch out of a school of mixed size fish. That it catches trout can be seen on videos posted at the Dynamic Lures website. It also seems destined to be a very effective walleye catcher. Here is what they have to say about it on their webpage.

The HD ICE comes in nine color schemes each with its own individual pattern

The High Action Ice Lure: Dynamic Lures has produced one of the most versatile Ice Fishing Lures on the market. With its hollow construction, Dynamic was able to create the perfect combination of sound and action that anglers depend on in the winter months. This vertical jigging lure was created specially for trout and other small to medium sized fish. This lure is not your typical ice fishing bait. This is a high action lure that brings in vicious bites. If you are looking for an advantage on the ice, look no further than the HD Ice.

Dynamic Lure’s HD Ice has been featured in In-Fisherman, the In-Fisherman Ice Guide and in the Angler Magazine

If your like me you are always looking for versatile new lures. I like to try them on a varitey of species and see what I can get them to do and how they will preform on the ice. The HD Ice looks very promising. I can’t wait to give them a shot.

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You can see all the HD Ice colors and patterns at: Dynamic Lures


HT Enterprises




Wind can be an ice angler’s worst adversary, a negative, antagonistic liability–or, as the ice fishing experts at HT have found, championed as a great ally—a productive, beneficial asset!   

The ice fishing experts at HT ENTERPRISES, INC., the industry leader in progressive ice tackle design and manufacturers of the original Windlass Tip-Up, have long understood how wind can be harnessed and used to ice more fish, and they continue this same philosophy in 2015 by introducing the all-new Wind Jigger rod holder.  As the name implies, this exceptional rod holder captures the wind, using it to create a unique mix of mesmerizing, fish enticing presentational movements! 

Here’s how the Wind Jigger rod holder works:  The sturdy wood base supports a strong, yet thin ultra flex wind waver arm that universally holds any rod combo.  Fluctuating wind movements drive up against this arm, pressing it down.  When those gusts rescind, the spring steel rises back up, creating a unique, variable series of forces that move the rod and in turn, power unique jigging motions!  The wind waver arm also features three angled settings to compensate for various wind strengths.  The user can adjust the desired amount of movement by increasing the angle and subjecting the arm to more wind, providing increased motion, or decreasing the angle to contain it, as conditions warrant. 

HT’s Wind Jigger rod holder takes only seconds to set up, plus folds compactly for easy transport and convenient storage.  For more information, check out their website, WWW.ICEFISH.COM.