HT’S NEW QUICK SPOOL TIP-UP TOOL use it to spool tip-up line

Tired of spending excessive amounts of time re-spooling yards and yards of line on your QUICK SPOOL TIP-UP TOOL
tip-ups? HT ENTERPRISES, INC., the industry leader in modern, progressive tip-up design and manufacturers of the original Polar Tip-Up, has solved this age-old issue once and for all by introducing the  QUICK SPOOL TIP-UP TOOL!

As the name implies, this device fits any cordless drill chuck. The opposite end simply slips over the trip shaft on your underwater style tip-up. Just press the tool in place and set your cordless drill on low-speed. Then, use it to quickly and efficiently spool tip-up line!

The QUICK SPOOL TIP-UP TOOL works great when replacing line or wrapping up lines at the end of those exceptionally cold days when you don’t want to handle wet lines, and the small size fits conveniently in a tackle box tray or easily accessible pocket.
HT ENTERPRISES, INC., the industry leader in modern, progressive tip-up design

HT’S NEW STEALTH TIP-DOWN mounts conveniently to almost anything

HT ENTERPRISES, INC., continues to grow their revolutionary line-up of premium ice tackle with an all-new innovation:  The Stealth Tip-Down.

Stealth Tip-Down mounts conveniently to almost anythingLike any premium tip-down, this deluxe system offers a delicately balanced fulcrum point – when a light biting fish takes your Stealth Tip-Down bait and begins moving away, this perfectly balanced system gingerly “tips down” toward the biting fish as your line glides effortlessly off the reel.

But uniquely, HT’s new Stealth Tip-Down mounts conveniently to almost anything – a five or six gallon pail, ice shanty or portable shelter, ATV, snowmobile, lawn or folding chair – just snap the Stealth in the perfect position and at the desired height, load your rod combo of choice and you’re ready to watch for a strike!

And unlike most tip-down designs, the Stealth is super lightweight and compact for ultra-convenient storage and transport once you’re done fishing.

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Serious ice anglers have known for over 40 years they can trust the smooth, unsurpassed reliability and versatility of HT’s Polar Tip-Ups.  After all, HT has been blazing new advancements in Polar tip-up technology for over 40 years, and it’s still the only series of tip-ups on the market fully guaranteed against freeze-up! Introducing the POLAR BLUE PROFESSIONAL TIP-UP.


POLAR BLUE PROFESSIONAL TIP-UP  The innovations continue for 2018, with the tip-up experts at HT taking another bold step forward by developing an adjustable flag spring base that allows additional degrees of trip tension.  That’s right!  Now, in addition to raising or lowering the tube mechanism to increase or decrease the flag angle and increase or decrease trip tension – you can also increase or decrease the angle of the flag wire itself, providing an even greater degree of tension adjustment! adjustable flag spring base


Using an extra large dead bait, exceptionally lively minnow or heavier than normal presentation while fishing deep or in current?  Simply ratchet the flag base backward to increase the flag wire angle andgain a never before achieved spectrum of tension adjustment increase trip tension.  Dealing with especially light-biting or finicky walleyes?  Ratchet the base forward to reduce tension and create a silky-smooth, ultralight trip!  To really take things to all-new extremes, try using the traditional raising of the tube mechanism in conjunction with these flag base adjustments to gain a never before achieved spectrum of tension adjustment.


Polar Blue Professional Tip-Ups are available with either 200’ or 500’ capacity spools.


This winter, improve your game!  Increase your versatility and productivity with the new Polar Blue Professional Tip-Up.

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HT ENTERPRISES, INC., the industry leader in the development of premium brand tip-ups and tip-up related accessories, is pleased to introduce the:


This newest addition to the famous HT Polar Tip-Up family features an integrated light and buzzer. This strike alert system that is perfect for night fishing applications.  When a fish strikes, a light on the end of the trip shaft is activated. This means, not only is the strike easily visible, but you can identify if the fish is moving and how fast, simply by watching the rotating light!  Just in case you aren’t looking when a fish strikes, you’ll also hear a simultaneous, audible signal. POLAR “STRIKE ALERT” TIP-UP

The “Strike Alert” system is powered by two universal button style batteries (LR-41), included with purchase.

For more information, write: HT Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 909, Campbellsport, WI, 53010 or visit WWW.HTENT.COM.