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Ice Fishing Information drives the ice fishing community

Ice Fishing Info is the thread that stitches the hardwater community together.

No other angling specialty is more dependant on up-to-date information than ice fishing. Good reliable ice fishing info can literally be a matter of life and death. It begins right after the first cold snap in late November or early December. Everyone is looking for information on the ice. Where is it? How thick is it? Is it black ice or milky white frozen snow ice? As winter approaches, the quest for ice grows evermore intense until someone finally posts “first ice’ photos. Then the race is on to get out and drill your first hole and see what you can catch. Weather being a fickle friend, every time there is a warm spell this scenario is repeated, up to 4 or 5 times before the real cold sets in and winter finally reigns over lake and pond.

Ice fishermen rely on fishing success and ice quality reports when making decisions about where to fish and how to target their favorite fish species. provides updated reports on ice and fishing conditions as well as tips on ice fishing tactics, tackle and techniques. We host some of the sport’s most innovative manufacturers as site sponsors and strive to put samples of their latest offerings in the hands of our members via contests, giveaways and an annual ice fishing tournament online. has been providing cutting edge ice fishing information for over 8 seasons  and has established a reputation as a reliable source of ice fishing info for the northeastern United States. We welcome all skill levels and are especially pleased to introduce newbies to the sport of ice fishing and help beginners to better enjoy their time on the ice . Feel free to browse our forum, and if you are of the mind register and become a contributing member

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