HT ENTERPRISES, INC., industry leaders in modern progressive tip-up design and manufacturers of the original Polar Tip-Up, continue to drive the industry by introducing the REVOLUTIONARY POLAR MAG HD MAGNETIC HOLE COVER TIP-UP! This ingenious design features an elongated signal shaft featuring a spring and magnet at the base enclosed within a sealed tube.  A 1500’ underwater spool with a magnet molded into the rim is mounted on the underside of this sealed tube.  To fish, simply turn the spool and align these two magnets.  When a fish bites and rotates the spool–magnetic tension between the spring loaded, brightly colored signal shaft and spool is broken, and the signal shaft pops from the tube, indicating the strike.

 Best of all, the POLAR MAG HD MAGNETIC HOLE COVER TIP-UP is loaded with additional features. Since the signal flag is entirely enclosed within the sealed tube, it’s completely windproof.  There’s no lubricant to leak or replace and no working mechanism to foul or freeze, making it a simple, efficient, weatherproof system.  The wide arbor, 1500’ spool is great for deep water or hard running fish, plus features an adjustment bracket that allows you to slide the spool upward to draw the magnets closer for slightly increased magnetic tension—creating a heavier setting when fishing harder striking fish or using larger baits–or slid down and away for lighter tension when fishing finicky, light biting species or smaller baits.  Once tension is released following a strike, the spool spins freely, feeding line smoothly toward running fish. 

 Other features include a multi-tension, fully adjustable drag, deluxe hook holder to secure rigs and keep leaders straight, an easy in/out line guide to make set-up and line winding a cinch, reflector tip for excellent low-light or night fishing visibility and a thermal sheath mounted around the tripod base to eliminate hole freeze up and blowing snow and light from entering the hole–plus the POLAR MAG HD MAGNETIC HOLE COVER TIP-UP features a lightweight and compact design, so it stores and transports to all your hotspots easily!  For more information, write: HT Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 909,Campbellsport,WI,53010.

 HT Enterprises, Inc. has been designing revolutionary ice fishing products and been established as the world’s undisputed ice fishing leader, providing trusted, proven ice tackle designs for over 40 years, including numerous industry ice fishing “firsts,” including:

 *The first-and only–tip-up guaranteed against freeze up:  THE POLAR TIP-UP

*The industry’s smallest, lightest and most reliable tip-up light:  The OMNI STRIKE LITE

*The original graphite, cork handled ice rods:  THE CJL CUSTOM SERIES

*The industry’s first spinning reel designed specifically for on ice performance:  The ACCU-CAST

*The industry’s first down scaled, premium bait cast reel:  THE HT-5500

*The industry’s first “easy on/off” overshoe style ice cleat:  THE SURE GRIP

 HT also offers the world’s largest selection of innovative tip-ups and ice rods and combos—plus a huge variety of ice augers, shelters, sleds, buckets, bucket seats, chairs, rod and tip-up cases, reels, lines, skimmers, rod holders, gaffs, cleats, spring bobbers, floats, tackle boxes, rigs, lures, safety items and more!  Their latest development includes a premium cold weather apparel line, Polar Fire.  For more information, please visit our website, WWW.ICEFISH.COM.



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