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Recognizing ice conditions

Assuming everyone understands Ice thickness safety- but there is so much more to ice safety than its thickness. Yesterday while going out at 7am on an even 4" of hard clear ice with marginal air bubbles in it, the sun came up very bright, gusts of wind occasionally. I was with two other gents and around 11am-just 4 hours later I noticed the ice changing color first, from clear black ice to a very white appearance. I began to watch it closely as we continued to fish, the temps went from about 28-44 by 1PM, wind continuing to be a problem and sun really throwing the heat down as we were down to our base layers and in a northern county above 2400 feet. As I began to walk I noticed with each step the ice was blowing up under my feet. I could see fractures with bubbles under the ice coming up toward the surface of the ice. We immediately got off.
Ive been ice fishing for 47 years, still my favorite sport, but should have gotten off before noon.
Pay attention to changing ice conditions! and remember-

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