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Author Topic: RULES: 2015 Tournament Online  (Read 4123 times)

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RULES: 2015 Tournament Online
« on: December 01, 2013, 06:55:43 PM »
We have been doing this so long that the rules are getting ironed out pretty well. Rules regarding fish photos, and posting requirements will stay pretty much as they have been in the past. In (2013) I tweaked the tournament format and some of the entry categories. Those changes are highlighted in red. There will be a section about the condition of fish as they appear in the entry photos, in red also.

The Icefishin247 Ice fishing Tournament Online will begin at 12:01 am January 16, 2016 and end at 11:59 pm February 28, 2016.
An Entry card will be available to print on January 15, 2016 at 7 PM
You will be responsible for printing out your entry card. An activation key with a top secret code will be posted after midnight. 00:01AM on January 16th. I recommend using a black sharpie.

The cut off for signing up for the 2016 tournament will be...Midnight on January 14, 2016.

Registration / Notification
All members who sign up, (including Mods) may participate fully.
Late Registrations: There will be no registrations after Midnight on January 14, 2016

Rules / Regulations
There are entry threads set up for our various winter targets. All entries must list the state and county where caught or they will be discounted.
The entry threads are for your entries only! Reserve your congrats, comments and questions for the Tournament Chatter Thread.

Please post your entries as soon (near to the date of the catch) as possible. Same day posting is best, no more than 24 hours from the time of the catch.  
If you are on a road trip 24 hours after your return should be sufficient to get your entry(s) posted.

I will not accept is anyone sitting on their catch for the season then at the last moment posting their entries. The other contestants and the members of the site are interested in fair play and deserve to see the results as they take place.

The Condition of entered fish will be assessed.
Your entries will be evaluated, if need be, on the condition or appearance presented in the posted entry photos.
First of all, let common sense rule the day. If you catch a monster and don't have your camera your screwed, if your batteries are dead or the memory card is missing your screwed. Make sure you have what you need to do this right. Secondly, let common sense rule the day, If it is a warm day and you have just caught a nice fish take your pics asap while the fish looks fresh and alive. If it is -10 degrees, snowing, very windy and you get a nice fish take your pics asap. Your fish will look frozen and frosty, I've been there and understand that. just do it and post it asap. I will be able to relate the weather to the fishes condition. If you post a pic of a fish on a warm day with pools of water on the ice and your fish is frozen solid or looks like it has been dead for a week, then there will be a problem. Take and post your pics as soon as possible

Although "funny business" has not been a problem it is within the perview of the administrator to disqualify an entered fish.
Reasons for disqualification:ruler cannot be read, fish that don't look right,  mutilated body parts, cloudy eyes, no markings, dull colors, no muscle tone. are examples. again take your shots asap, as soon as possible!!! 

Where You Can Fish:
You may fish in public and and in most private waters. I have a few exceptions: you may not enter fish caught in fish hatcheries or rearing ponds, and you may not enter fish caught in commercial fish for fee or fee fishing ponds. (see definition*)
Private Ponds* are allowed. (feel free to post as much additional info as you please).

*Private Ponds, Private Waters, defined: A private pond for the purposed of our ice fishing tournament is defined as a lake or pond wholly of partially bounded by private property. Allowable examples would include farm ponds, and lakes or ponds in housing developments like those found in the Poconos. They do not include hatcheries, or other fish rearing facilities, commercial pay to  fish, or fish for fee operations, whether open for business or closed for the season. Entering a fish caught in one of these types of places violates the spirit of the tournament of fair play and sportsmanship. Here is an example of one such operation: 

Entering Your Fish
All entries must be comprised of two photos:
PHOTO #1.) the fish being entered, and you the angler with your tournament card, ON THE ICE (Back Porch, backyard, parking lot, or tailgate pics are not allowed at all. If it is not on the ice it is not in the tournament.)
PHOTO#2.) the fish with your measuring device and the your tournament card (either a wide type tape steel tape measure, or a rigid fish measuring ruler.) ON THE ICE (Back Porch, backyard, parking lot, or tailgate pics are not allowed at all. If it is not on the ice it is not in the tournament.)
3.) Include your Measurement!!
In each entry post you must include the measurement that you got. That is how long the fish is in inches and fractions of inches. Like this: "my pickerel was 27 and 3/4 inches" This is a requirement.
4.) Include this Information. for each entry post.
The state and county where the fish was caught, and the Date that the fish was caught. This is a requirement.
4.) Finally both photos must be taken on location, and on the ice., this means photo #1 should be composed so that a portion of the frozen lake or river is visible and that Photo #2 should be on the ice or on your sled in your shanty etc. Backyard, garage, or deck type photos will be discounted.

How To Measure Your Fish
The ruler must be clearly readable and next to the fish. Do not cover the ruler with the fish. Photos should be composed so as to make the whole ruler and the whole fish clearly visible ( A tiny portion of the ruler may be covered by the fish. This will be up to my discretion. Above all I will be looking at a good faith attempt to fulfill the conditions of the rules. ). Fill the frame with the fish, do not go wide angle and have a big fish in the middle of an acre of snow and ice. Get your fish to almost fill the photo but leave a bit of margin around the whole thing.
Wide retractable rulers with clear markings are best I normally get down to 1/16ths of an inch so one that measures that close and no further will hold up best under scrutiny.
The little skinny 1/4 inch wide tape measures or cloth/plastic flexible rulers are not acceptable and could result in your fish being discounted because the measure was unreadable.

Do not bother submitting photos showing just the head or tail of the fish with the ruler, I want the whole fish with the ruler. If you crop off the lip or the tail of the fish in your entry pic... what is visible is what will be counted.

In the Event of a Tie: the angler with the next best fish (back up fish) in that particular category will be awarded the win.  As you can see, it is very important to enter as many fish as possible, and to keep upgrading as you go. Don't wait for the one big one to come along. Enter the fish you have today and get in the game. If there is no back up fish the tie will be broken by the first of the fish entered.

Tournament Format Change
There will be a major change in the way winners are counted. In the past a single contestant could possibly win the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes if he or she had the 3 largest fish of that particular species. This winter it will look a bit more like a bass tournament. The member with the largest fish will get 1st place, the member with the next largest fish will win 2nd place, and the member with the 3rd largest fish will win 3rd place. I think this will really beef up the competition and get more prizes into the hands of more members. You will still want to enter multiple fish because I will be looking at your next biggest fish in the category as tie breakers* and in the event that no other contestants submit entries, those other fish would become the 2nd and 3rd place winners.

* Ties are broken by looking at the next best fish of the category entered by each of the parties involved in the tie. If there are no back up fish then the tie is broken by the fish that was entered first.

* addendum to the rules: regarding two guys posting the same fish on the same lake on the same day. The catch goes to which ever one gets the fish first. If a dispute breaks out between the two fishermen as to who did catch it first then it will go to which ever one posts it first.

Entry Categories:
Another less drastic change has been made to the entry categories. You can read about that here.

A Couple Last Minute Clarifications:
Tail pinching is OK, (personally I don't like it but it is accepted by some state's game and fish depts. so I'm not going to argue over it). Don't go overboard and stretch the limits of believablity or you could get disqualified for a distorted fish.

Also, while we are on the topic, large mouth bass and crappies will be measured from the top part of the mouth to the tip of the tail not the opened lower jaw.

Steelhead are not represented in the this years tournament category line up. They will not be counted in the rainbow trout category.

Lastly, don't bother entering fish that are under the legal size limit for your state.

Digital Photographic Submissions:
Participation in the Online Tournament is implied consent for the use of the contestants’ likenesses, and any images submitted for marketing and promotional purposes.

As usual there may be omissions, errors, or stupid mistakes on my part to be found in the rules above . If you see a screw up on my part please send me a PM and I will check it out. And I guarantee that there will be minor adjustments here and there prior to January 1st.

Be sure to read...
How Entry Pics are Judged.
Tournament Tips From the Judge
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RULES: 2015 Tournament Online
« on: December 01, 2013, 06:55:43 PM »


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