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Author Topic: HT'S NEW MARMOOSKA TUNGSTEN JIGS  (Read 8195 times)

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« on: August 26, 2011, 10:29:32 PM »
HT ENTERPRISES, INC., industry leaders in modern progressive ice tackle design and manufacturers of the original Polar Tip-Up, are pleased to introduce the newest version of their revolutionary and wildly popular Marmooska Jig.  These first class, premium ice jigs feature all the unique, still unmatched qualities of the original Marmooska:  Off-set head for unsurpassed hooking ability, light wire, small barbed hooks for efficient hooking percentages even when using the lightest rods and lines, plus, these heads are made of Tungsten, a material 70% more dense than lead, so they drop super fast!  This provides a tremendous advantage when fishing deep water, fast moving schools or trying to get a small jig down through the ice chips within a freshly drilled hole.  You get all the advantages of a small profile jig, but with the added strength of a heavy design that gets down to the depth you want to fish—fast—all while experiencing an outstanding sense of feel!

Marmooska tungsten jigs are available in several different styles, including the original Marmooska design; Marmooska Diamond (original Marmooska design with a light reflecting stone in the front); Marmooska Gem (a geometric shaped head with a flashy, faceted stone in the center; Marmooska Fly (a tungsten based hackled design with uncanny resemblance to an aquatic invertebrate); and the Marmooska Dancer a completely new and revolutionary design with a gold, silver or black bullet shaped tungsten body and a tiny, #16 colored epoxy treble hook dropper—a deadly new design.  All the other models are available with your choice of #10, #12 or #14 hooks, and in HT’s most popular colors.  For more information, write: HT Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 909, Campbellsport, WI, 53010, or visit

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