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Author Topic: Maybe my last trip on the ice this year  (Read 1727 times)

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Maybe my last trip on the ice this year
« on: February 27, 2016, 06:01:06 PM »
Russ, Mark and I hit the ice that we figured had the best opportunity to not be bad after last weeks weather. It was the same lake Russ and I hit last week. This being Derby weekend and all we expected more people to be on the ice. We were lucky none of them were where we like to fish. We drilled right next to our holes from last week and marked fish right away. However it was not like last week they were not on a big feed. Russ had the most success with a small pink jig tipped with spikes. I struggled to get bit with several lures and switched around to the finally get bit with the Expedition outdoors alien jig in pink, tipped with spikes. I got my most consistent bites on that jig until something big came in and took it away from me.....Rather than tie on another I switched to another rod and picked away. Mark also struggled with his go to set up and ended up pink jigging it to bring fish topside. So the start was slow and it was cold with the light breeze chilling the fingers.

By 8:30 the fish started to come in flurries. We made the best of these quick flurries and would ice several fish before it would end. I was swapping between a flicker spinner with spikes or gulp minnows and my pink alien jig to keep them coming. Mark switched to a green gulp minnow and started icing fish quickly as well. Russ was dealing with interference issues with our flashers so he'd move off to slower waters that only produced dink perch. Fish and Game paid us the usual derby visit. We had met the one officer a few weeks back on another lake. He remembered us and we remembered him. A very nice guy. When our original holes died Russ had found the fish about thirty feet away in another hole he had tried due to the interference. We wouldn't you know after icing another couple fish he would have interference again :). Mark and I moved in and we all limited out in the next hour. Some we had to really work to get them to bite others came easy at times. We packed up at 10:00 and headed for the truck. We were at the restaurant at 11 am ready for lunch.

I came home and my brother in law Bill and I tag teamed cleaning fish. Mark, Russ and I took 35 fish and gave the rest to Bill. Which meant Bill and I had to clean a bunch of fish. Labor of love as our buddy Dana always says.

I'm pretty busy this next month and with declining conditions I think I may start to get the boats ready. This might have been my last trip till next ice season. Seems odd to be ending it so early, but I can't wait to open water fish so it's OK.

A few pictures from today:

Good luck if you get out and be safe.
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Maybe my last trip on the ice this year
« on: February 27, 2016, 06:01:06 PM »


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