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Author Topic: Lake trout fishing finally  (Read 1804 times)

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Lake trout fishing finally
« on: February 15, 2016, 07:25:06 PM »
OK it sounds more exciting than it actually was but we did fish Winnipesaukee today. Mark and I hit Aj's bait at 7 am and passed Tim Moore on his way out. Turns out we were going to the same location. After picking up a sucker we headed to Levitt park where we unloaded our gear and headed out. There was 6-8" of ice where we traveled and it wasn't great ice. The first 4-5" were air filled and the top portion straight snow ice. It was -7 degrees and brutally cold. The wind was down so that was good. Mark and I set up on some numbers he had on his GPS. That saved us from scouting a new area. The area looked great but apparently the fish didn't think so. We saw a few cruisers on the camera but they were not checking out the chum or thinking about eating out lures. It wasn't until 11am (right on time according to sonular tables) before we would have our first "hot" fish come in. Lucky for me Mark was out fishing around some holes he drilled outside the shack. The fish whacked me and I missed him. Second hit I rolled him and thought he'd be gone. Nope he came back and I set on him. Three pulls up and I missed the line giving him slack and he was gone. Right after that another fish came in (less hot) and ate a few pieces of chum and moved on. With all this action in the shack it didn't take long for Mark to show up. Another fish came in hot but wouldn't hit our lures. He picked up some chum and was circling between Mark and I. I jigged and the fish swam in but soon turned away. I pulled up the jig and he hit and up he came. A nice 19" health lake trout. Lunch lady will be a happy lady tomorrow. The action died down and I went out to hole hop. Mark had some hot fish come in but failed to get them to bite. I returned to the shack a while later and for the next half hr we would see nothing. We pulled the plug at 1 pm.

Was great to get out on a weekend I didn't expect to fish, I was sick all week so didn't fish in the brutal conditions Saturday and Sunday.

Be safe out there. There is fish-able ice but it is far from consistent and not the greatest (black ice).

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Lake trout fishing finally
« on: February 15, 2016, 07:25:06 PM »


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