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04 Jan 2015 - Belmont 1-3-15

Here are a few pics to go with zziipp's kitchen table shot. lol I forgive you buddy, lol You had enough on your plate yesterday I'm not bustin' your stones over that pic. At least youi got a few to take home. I didn't get anything worthy of a picture but the winter scenery was stunning and being out in the raw weather was an experience I haven't had in a while either. My face was so that it hurt to touch my forehead, just like sunburn would. That has never happened to me before. All in all a great day starting out at Miller Pond and having breakfast shots and cigars with chez. lol Just kidding I couldn't face a cigar or alcohol at that early hour. But good host that he is Chez was offering a wide selection of socializers. Then off to Belmont just in time for the storm to set up. Good times! There were IF247 members all over the lake some I saw and talked with others I missed, but nice to see us out in numbers thanks.


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