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13 Feb 2018 - Lake Carey 2.13.18

Well just like I suspected the slush on the lake yesterday froze solid overnight. I guess the weatherman predicting temps in the 40's and above freezing at night missed this one. It was in the low teens when I got there and still hovering just below freezing when I left at noon. Sometimes you need to trust yourself and take the shot. Fishing was predictably Carey slow, but steady. I missed a few flags but managed a great eye on a tip up and jigged a few perch two were jumbos. Awesome sunny day with light wind and pleasant temps. Next best chance to fish this week will be Saturday in the northeastern counties getting way down Friday night may even get to the single digits. You won't here about that on CH 16. At any rate, I made my piece with the season today. If I wake up in the morning and the ice is all gone I can deal with it, if not game on this Saturday.

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