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Title: New z-viber first impressions
Post by: Russelln114 on December 22, 2018, 02:50:21 PM
Hey guys. I just got my hands on the new z-viber 1/16 oz lipless  crankbait. This thing is small however i think the hook is a little big and thick for tipping while fishing for panfish through the ice. While icefishing i might downsize the hook with a #14 treble that way tipping with smaller baits won't be a problem. I've watched many videos on youtube and what i have been seeing is that although guys are catching fish they seem to loose alot also. The hooks look circle like so on open water i might up the hook to a #12 trebble. Open water fishing is one thing but icefishing is a whole different ballgame. Let me know what you think.