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Title: Team Flatlanders at it again.
Post by: CaptSpike on January 17, 2016, 05:16:23 PM
Mark, Matt, John and I headed up to another spot of ours not sure if we would find safe ice. We had an alternate location but as luck would have it we didn't need it.
After checking ice the entire way to our spot we set up and everyone was into white perch. They were on a feeding frenzy and coming out of our holes pretty quickly. I had a lure break off my go to set up and pulled another rod out set up a little differently. The problem with the new set up is I couldn't get down to the fish quickly which slowed down my catch rate. Once I got down it wham-bam but the Flicker spinner without a weight falls very slowly. It didn't seem to matter what you used they were going to eat it. Then around 8 am they started to slow up. At that point we decided we had enough fish and we'd check out a couple other spots and drop some fresh fish off with our good friend Dana, since he was unable to get out today.
The new spots were less than productive and only yielded a couple keeper fish. Plenty of throw backs though. We packed it in around 11 as we were looking forward to getting home to watch the football games and three of us had fish to clean.

Have to say it was a great day with plenty of fish to take home (unlike last week).
We had 4-4.5" of ice where we fished today. Be careful if you get out and check as you go. Ice doesn't form uniformly. You could be on safe ice and two steps later in the drink. We had a couple today walk all the way across the ice (not from where we got on) and asked us how thick the ice was????? Yup they're everywhere.

Next week that ice should be able to hold our 4-wheelers. Can't wait!

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Title: Re: Team Flatlanders at it again.
Post by: Filetandrelease on January 17, 2016, 08:02:52 PM

Nice whitey , they are a panic when they're on the feed