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Title: Yes we ice fished!
Post by: CaptSpike on January 10, 2016, 11:04:06 AM
Mark, Matt, John and I were joined by Nick on one of our early ice spots. We have done OK there in the past with some bad days as well but it is a chance to ice fish early so we went there again. Our first spot chipped looked like only three inches of ice near shore. Needless to say we were surprised it wasn't thicker. I put on my Striker ice suit (floats) and went out with my chisel. I found 4+ out just a little bit further. We unloaded and headed out to try our luck. Well as luck would have it it was a less than stellar day. The weather mimicked the conditions last year but the fishing did not. Mark C landed a couple decent pickerel along with a ton of dink yellow perch. Matt landed a ton of dink perch and a huge 21" sucker. John and nick both landed only dink perch while I was treated to a decent yellow and a small pickerel along with my gazillion dink yellows.

When it was all over we attributed the bad luck on Mark C's new fishing attire.

See the picture attached.

So on a 100% fishing day we did not produce but we had a blast trying.
It was great to fish with Nick again as he and John were able to catch up.
Hopefully we all get out again soon.

Be safe out there people. Ice thickness varies. Carry your chisel and use it to confirm the ice you want to go on is safe.

Trip #1 is on the books.

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Title: Re: Yes we ice fished!
Post by: PoolGuy on January 11, 2016, 06:53:16 PM
Nice job guys!!  I made it out to White Lake and caught dink perch..not what I was hoping for but I walked on water !<>!   where do you guys mostly fish??   If ya don't mind me asking
I'm usually on Balch chasing crappie and whites...or up in Warren for brookies, Browns.
Title: Re: Yes we ice fished!
Post by: CaptSpike on January 12, 2016, 04:59:55 PM
We bump around a lot. A lot of lakes in the mid lakes region and a bunch in So. NH mostly. Early ice we head north where the ice forms first. Nice not to have to drive that far all season.