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Title: C-Fish camera
Post by: Semper Fi on December 14, 2014, 09:00:21 AM
Anybody seen or got one of these? Santa's little helper is bringing me one for Christmas, I hope. Has a Sony camera and you can't beat the price, if it really works. 360 degree coverage.

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Title: Re: C-Fish camera
Post by: BIGCREW on December 14, 2014, 11:16:51 AM
I haven't heard much about the c fish but any camera is going to keep you occupied, if the water is murky visibility will be limited, I have the fish tv its ok in clear water, we leave it home 99% of the time, but if you got kids with you it will keep them busy  ;D
Title: Re: C-Fish camera
Post by: HenryDavid on December 14, 2014, 04:57:55 PM
hey Semper Fi,  that camera looks good, the biggest hang up I've had with my cabela's cam was finding the jig, this one looks like it will solve that problem.   

No camera works good in murky water.

They say it comes with a CRT monitor, that's a tube.  I'm surprised they would use a tube as opposed to a flat screen.  Tube or LCD you will need to shade the monitor in order to see it even in moderate sun light.  Mine is also a tube and there's really no advantage over the LCD display, plus it's heavier.  It might be slightly brighter that's about it, you will still have trouble seeing it unless you're in a hut or if it's a dark cloudy day.

Price is right for sure, that's about what I paid for mine from Cabelas, and no panning camera. 

Sony makes most of the cameras for these types of units, they work fine.

I would wonder if the panning motor would shorten your battery life.  The monitor will use more power than a flat screen.  I get about 4 or 5 hours out of mine, which is fine.  If anything does appear to not be working correctly it's most likely cuz your power supply is draining.

Overall it seems like a decent deal.  The monitor looks exactly like mine, it's too bad they didn't go with a flat screen though.  I've seen cameras have sell for $500 or more and don't have the panning camera. 

I wonder if I could replace my camera with the panning version and remote control.  The camera connection is a 5-pin connector that plugs directly into the monitor.
Title: Re: C-Fish camera
Post by: Semper Fi on December 15, 2014, 12:57:57 PM
Sun is no problem for me as I use a 2 man Clam and a Mr. Buddy heater. I pull the Clam with a 4 wheeler or snowmobile, so carrying extra batteries is no big deal.

I'll try to remember to post the result after we get ice or the end of muzzleloader season, whichever comes last.

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