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31 Dec 2018 - Piseco Lake Lakers

I went up to NY and stayed in Specualtor over last weekend. The trip was pretty sour for most of the time. Lots of mess ups on my part plus hideous weather for the ride up. Saturday was very windy and still warm. The water on top of the ice splashed up over the rubber bottoms of my boots so I went thru both pair of my Sorels. There was literally so much water in my boots I was wringing out the liners. I sat in the hotel all Saturday night with the heat on high drying them out. Sunday it all came together. The temps dipped to the low teens and froze up all the surface water, plus there was some overnight snow, I had dry boots. and the lakers were biting, just small ones but at least I had action. I got 8 and lost a few on the jig rod. Largest two were in the17 to 18 inch class. (A Polar tip up is 18 inches if you ever need a measuring stick.)  All too soon it was time to leave.


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