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Author Topic: Wauseon Reservoir  (Read 1313 times)

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Wauseon Reservoir
« on: December 27, 2010, 12:09:07 AM »
Fished Christmas Eve morning and Sunday afternoon/night in 14 FOW along the West bank. Didnt catch alot, but quality wasn't a issue. Friday 2 crappie (10" and 12") and 2 perch (8" and a very chunkie 7") kept, only caught 5 total for friday. Sunday night kept 1 crappie (12") and 9 perch (7" - 10"), caught 11 total. Fish arent very aggressive yet, only had a few let you know they wanted it. We were using live bait (minnows, mousies, and waxies). Aggressive hits almost all the time with minnows (6 fish on minnows), almost lost a rod had to go elbow deep to get it back from a very thick 12" crappie (LMAO, should have had a video camera, it was too funny). Using smallest swedish pimples I had w/ treble hook tipped with 3 mousies. They seemed to like my one side silver and one side warted metallic blue over pretty much everything else I presented. My buddy was using one of my white/blue mud bugs (like a teardrop, flat bottom and much heavier for its size) smacking the bottom and was having some good results. Marked quite a bit of fish, just dont think they have snapped out of the initial shock quite yet. Best method we found was drilling alot of holes and bouncing around jigging. Hit a fish, find another hole. No marks in the first 30 seconds move on.

We tried everything in our arsenal (jigging raps, tear drops(of all shapes, sizes, and colors including glow after dark), swedish pimples, fly fishing wet nymphs (a trick my buddy showed me) switching baits presented on lures(mousies, waxworms, and minnow heads) and even bounced around from hole to hole jigging for awhile. Wauseon Upper Reservoir drops off very steep. 10' from shore you are in 13 FOW and 80' from shore you are still in 14 FOW. Believe me we tried alot of things for only 10 hours of fishing.

Hope this helps everyone, gonna try and get back out this coming Friday. Stay warm and dry!
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Wauseon Reservoir
« on: December 27, 2010, 12:09:07 AM »


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