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NEPA-2/9/16 Fun Day On The Ice !

Well I decided to try a different lake today , looking for some deeper water. I set up in 30 fow , but not much on the screen, so I worked my way shallower. Not much around 25 fow, but finally got some marks, BIG marks, in around 20 fow. The marks were bass !, and I ended up landing 5 (3 nice keepers) on my jigging rod before the bite died. Wandered around a little , and luckily found some perch(1 was 13 inch) when the sun came out and 1 giant pickerel that was a little over 25 inches ! Ice was ok about 6 to 7 inches, easy walking and pulling with about 1 inch snow cover, but the shoreline was a little weak...all in all it was a great day for me.

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