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Another hog Brown trout on the Wallenpaupack!

Hey guys, new to this site but I saw the other day on facebook Jskillz had got a very large brown trout out of Lake Wallenpaupack. My buddy Gary (Van on here) and I have put about 24hrs on the ice in the last week. With a couple heart breaks and a bunch of fish on the ice, this one topped the charts! We fished the caffrey launch earlier today (feb 20th) on about 3 inches of ice with a few large (jumbo if you will) perch landed we decided to pack it up and move north. We arrived near the dam (and were welcomed with 6+ inches of ice) and checked the topography map and found a few spots that peaked our interest. We drilled a few holes & set a couple tip ups out (even though we haven't hardly got anything on these the last week its always good to put em out just in case!). We were hardly even marking any fish on the finder. Gary moved about 30 yards from me & was marking alot of bait fish activity on the bottom so I decided to join him over there. A few mintues later I was tip to tip with a monster on the other end! Gary has a video of the fight, hes going to try to get it up tonight ot tomorrow. Seeing it through the ice after a 10-15 minute fight was incredible, i knew it was a brown as soon as I saw the tail. Near the top it got a bit wrapped up after it started tiring out, we both grabbed it by the tail and pulled it through the ice! We wanted to get it back in as soon as possible so we only got a few quick shots. We agreed on about 15lbs (didnt bring a scale) and approx. 37" (we only had 12" tip ups to measure with well over 30" tho) we couldnt get the girth but i couldnt even get my hand fully around the tail of this monster. She fought a solid 10-15 mins, craziest fishing experience i've ever had! Thanks Gary for helpin me out during the fight & landing of this lake monster! A day we will never forget!


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