Simply replace your standard tip-up flag assembly with the NORTHSTAR lighted L.E.D. assembly,
hit the button to power up,TIP-UP FLAG BITE INDICATOR LIGHT then set the flag in the usual horizontal position.  When set the L.E.D. will switch off – but as soon as a fish bites and the flag lifts to a vertical position, the NORTHSTAR super bright L.E.D. light will activate to let you know!

HT’s NORTHSTAR lighted flag wire system stands 16.5 inches tall and fits most major tip-up brands, including all HT models, and operates on three LR44 button cell batteries (included!)





Serious ice anglers have known for over 40 years they can trust the smooth, unsurpassed reliability and versatility of HT’sHT POLAR BLUE PROFESSIONAL TIP-UP Polar Tip-Ups.  After all, HT has been blazing new advancements in Polar tip-up technology for over 40 years, and it’s still the only series of tip-ups on the market fully guaranteed against freeze-up!

The innovations continue for 2018.  The tip-up experts at HT are taking another bold step forward by developing an adjustable flag spring base that allows additional degrees of trip tension.  That’s right!  Now, in addition to raising or lowering the tube mechanism to increase or decrease the flag angle and increase or decrease trip tension – you can also increase or decrease the angle of the flag wire itself.  Thus, providing an even greater degree of tension adjustment!

HT POLAR BLUE PROFESSIONAL TIP-UPUsing an extra large dead bait, exceptionally lively minnow or heavier than normal presentation while fishing deep or in current?  Simply ratchet the flag base backward to increase the flag wire angle and increase trip tension.  Dealing with especially light-biting or finicky walleyes?  Ratchet the base forward to reduce tension and create a silky-smooth, ultralight trip!  To really take things to all-new extremes, try using the traditional raising of the tube mechanism in conjunction with these flag base adjustments.  You will gain a never before achieved spectrum of tension adjustment.

Polar Blue Professional Tip-Ups are available with either 200’ or 500’ capacity spools.

This winter, improve your game!  Increase your versatility and productivity with the new Polar Blue Professional Tip-Up.

HT Enterprises


Ice Fishing Lake Carey

Ice Fishing Lake Carey


Tip ups are set, Ice Fishing Lake CareyI grew up ice fishing Lake Carey, PA. I chopped my first hole through the ice when I was just a kid, no older than 9 or 10. I have been ice fishing Lake Carey ever since. I have had great days ice fishing Lake Carey and I have had days that would bring a grown man to his knees. The great days are what keeps me coming back to this Endless Mountains Lake.

Lake Carey is located in in Wyoming County Pennsylvania. It is roughly 210 acres is size and is bisected by a causeway. The two halves created by the causeway are known as the big lake and the flow pond. The big lake is the deeper, maxing out at 30 feet, and the larger half. It receives most of the fishing pressure. The Flow pond is markedly shallower and has silted in over the last 50 years. It may have a few pockets of water over 6 feet deep but their days are numbered.

One of the attractions to ice fishing Lake Carey is the wide variety of species to catch. There are large and smallmouth Anglers target walleyes ice fishing Lake Careybass in good numbers. Perch, crappie, gills and rock bass are also present as are pickerel and bullhead. But, in my opinion it is the walleye that are the main attraction. Fish Lake Carey and you have a better than average chance of catching a walleye or two. My personal best walleye was a 24 inch specimen but there has been a number of 10 pounders taken from lake. As I mentioned most angler concentrate their attention of the big lake but that wasn’t always so. When I was a kid there would be groups of ice fishermen scattered around on the flow pond too. It might be time to see what surprises await here.

Some nice panfish dwell in the depths of Lake CareyAccess to Lake Carey isn’t what it used to be. As a kid I recall seeing lines of cars pulled off to the side of the road and trails leading through the snow d0wn to the ice.  Nowadays, the best bet for no hassle parking and ease of access is to park at the marina parking lot, Franks Marina.  There is a reasonable parking fee here but it is a blessing on this 100% privately owned lake. Frank’s Marina is located on the causeway between the lakes.  Maybe one day the state will place a launch site at Lake Carey, until then Frank’s is your best bet.

Lake Carey is not what I think of as an early ice lake. There are multiple inlets and the deeper water of the big lake means that it is usually a couple weeks behind the shallower local lakes. I look forward to ice fishing Lake Carey every winter it won’t be long now before I will get the chance to drill a fresh hole in the ice that hooked me on ice fishing.


Lake Carey Ice Fishing Reports  –  (become a member to view)

Commonwealth Inland Waters Regs


Ice Fishing for River Walleyes

Ice Fishing on Rivers for walleyes can be as productive as it is exciting.

Ice Fishing on Rivers for walleyes can be as productive as it is exciting.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a state with rivers that freeze up nice and firm in the winter you may have a unique opportunity to try, ice fishing for river walleyes. I live on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River and have managed to get on the frozen “Susky” nearly every season for the last thirty years. River ice fishing is not for the faint-of-heart, but if you have some experience on lake ice, the transition shouldn’t be too difficult.

Ice fishing for river walleyes is a time honored tradition.

Ice fishing for river walleyes is a time honored tradition.

When it comes to ice fishing for river walleyes your first task will be finding locations that hold fish and have ice that is safe for you to stand on and move about. You will be seeking out river eddies. As water temperatures drop with the approach of winter, bait fish begin to accumulate in the slower moving waters in eddies. Fish being cold blooded are not as active in winter. They survive by expending less energy and staying out ot the main force of the river’s current. Once bait have moved into the eddies the larger predatory species follow. To begin, get out a map of better yet get on your computer and use Google Maps. Find your river of choice and look for spots where feeder streams enter the river. Zoom in to see it the outwash from the stream has caused an eddy to form downstream from its entry point. Not every stream will produce and eddy of sufficient size to make it worth ice fishing but in my experience the odds are in your favor, many do.

The quite water on the backside of this island will freeze in a few months and be a prime spot for ice fishing.

The quite water on the backside of this island will freeze in a few months and be a prime spot for ice fishing.

Feeder streams are not the only features that will produce eddies. any sizable structure that impedes the river’s flow can cause a slack water eddy to form. The relatively slow moving current allows for the build up of ice safe for ice fishing. Islands can and do support the formation of nice ice fishing spots on rivers. Many islands will have one side where the main flow passes. Frequently the water on the other side of the island will go dry up on the upstream end. During the winter the lower end of this cut off river channel can easily freeze and make for some very good ice fishing. Wing dams, and sharp bends in the river can also create conditions which allow a nice thick layer of ice for form. One other circumstance I have just discovered but have to wait for this winter to test are pipelines. I have found a spot where a storm drain pipe crosses the river bed. Along one shore the pipe is acting just like a low wing dam and has allowed the river current to carve out a nice deep. I will be keeping a close watch this winter as the temperatures drop to see if it too develops any fishable ice.

So now that you have located some spots to fish on your river it/s tome to have some fun. Icy winter walleyes behave much the

My largest walleye of the year come while ice fishing

My largest walleye of the year come while ice fishing

same as late fall eyes. Early morning and late afternoon are prime time to target them. Getting on position early and setting up will allow the water you are fishing to settle down.  Remember you will be fishing in shallow water sometimes just 3 or 4 feet deep, move around quietly, dropping your ice scoop or running around with noisy cleats on can spook fish. Cut extra holes early on so you can concentrate on fishing when the bite gets going. I like to set up tip-ups while there is light enough to see. As the light dims I will pull the tip-ups as they are tripped and begin to jig the  holes I have predrilled.

This 28 inch walleye took a 6 inch chub on a tip-up

This 28 inch walleye took a 6 inch chub on a tip-up

My biggest walleyes have always come off tip-ups. When fishing tip-ups I generally use and 18 inch leader with a small treble hook. If the fish are biting shyly I will switch to a 3 or 4 foot leader of 8 pound test fluorocarbon line with a #8 or #10 treble hook attached. for my tip-p bait I like to use wild trapped shiners and chubs, small 3 to 4 inch baits are fine. If I am using larger baits I up size the treble hooks accordingly, using #6 or #4 trebles. Don’t be surprised if you catch a northern pike of a musky they will be working the same patch of ice as the walleyes.

When it comes to jigging for ices on the river I will ofter use the same bait that accounts for most of my late fall walleye catches. That is , a white 1/8 to 1 /4  oz. leadhead jig with a chartreuse or chartreuse combination, Power Bait twistertail. This gets tipped with a small 2 to 3 inch fathead, shiner, or chub minnow. Try to keep your presentation as small as possible so the fish can easily inhale the whole thing.  The number of hookups will be high and you win’t miss as many tail biters. I’m looking forward to better river ice conditions this winter last years warm temperatures kept me off the river all season. I plan on trying out PK Lures highly recommended walleye lures the Flutterfish and the PK Spoon. I also use Swedish Pimples and Kastmasters tipped with small minnows or minnow heads. after it is fully dark the fishing can continue by lantern light just remember to stay quite and pay attention to where you are walking and what you are walking on. It is best to be with a pal in case of trouble.

Don't be surprised if you hook into a pike or musky when ice fishing for river walleyes.

Don’t be surprised if you hook into a pike or musky when ice fishing for river walleyes.

Ice fishing on rivers for walleyes can be exciting and very productive. Do some homework and play it safe and you can enjoy a new take on hardwater angling.

Be safe out there. Mother Nature is very unforgiving.
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