x Bite Me Box Tip up

Now with the sensitive Bite Me Box Tip-up, you can effectively fish for Perch, Crappie and Walleye as well as larger fish with out wind trips. In addition to that it is heated no more fighting with ice ups and blown snow covering holes.

The adjustable bite sensitivity is unlike any thing else ever seen in the ice fishing industry. You are able to fish small pan fish up to huge northern without minnow or wind trips. All other tip ups in the industry today have spring type flags that add unwanted resistance to the bite. Our counter weight drop flag system takes away almost all the resistance felt when a fish bites.  This means fish will not kill your bait and leave with out tripping the flag. At the end of the day it means you leave with a lot more fish.

Quick set up and pick up will make you want to fish more with tip ups. With a cork to store the hook and a clicker to prevent the line from unwinding, you will never have to deal with tangled tip ups and hooks stuck in the line again. An extra reel assembly makes changing from mono to steel quick and easy with just a spin of a wing nut and no more leaders tangled up in your tackle box.

Made to last a life time and built in the USA. These tip ups are all C&C machined, glued and nailed with a heavy flag rod. Reel has very few moving parts and splits in two for annual lubrication to keep it the free wheeling so the fish feels nothing when it bites.   

Bottom line “more fish less hassle” Once you try the heated Bite Me Box Tip Ups you will never be able to fish with your old tip ups again.

Check out video’s of these great tip pups online at www.boxtipups.com

Bite Me Box Tip Ups also makes a great gift for the holidays. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed.